On the Fox Studios lot, Moore Park, Soundfirm are based at the heart of the film-making community in vibrant Sydney.   
  • Theatre 1 – Harrison MPC and Screening Theatre – 3-way JBL Monitoring (the only 3-way monitoring theatre in NSW).
  • Theatre 2 – Projection Grading and Screening Theatre – 2k, stereoscopic Christie Projector
  • SGO Mistika Suite, leading 2D and 3D finishing suite
  • ‘roaving’ Dolby PRM4200 Professional Reference Monitor for high-end TV grading and monitoring
  • Theatre 3 – TV Mix Room, featuring AVID ICON D-Command Console
  • ADR room (with a record booth suitable for Loop Groups and voice work)
  • A huge Foley stage (including water recording and full Foley traps) with line-of-sight control room
  • Production Office/Cutting Room office space – sub-let spaces for Production Offices and fully networked cutting rooms; wet or dry-hire
  • Meeting Rooms and Screening Facilities
  • Transfer bay and machine rooms for content services and delivery (file or tape)
We look forward to welcoming you.