DIT’s & On-set Data Management

As shoots with data cameras (from DSLR’s through to REDs and Alexas) have become ubiquitous, Soundfirm have responded to a increased client demand for Data Management and the supply of on-set Digital Imaging Technicians (DITs) by rolling these services into our post production packages.

Our vast experience of data-centric work-flows in post means we possess the technical knowledge and Production Management know-how to successfully guide the data management, digital dailies and delivery on both Broadcast Television and Feature Film projects.

Partnering with some of Australia’s most experienced DIT’s, Soundfirm are now trusted partners for the provision of Digital Dailies, managed centrally from either Melbourne or Sydney.  This include Data-Carts (with on-set LUT’s and colour management), plus localised LTO back-up stations, transit drives and cards – saving the Production time and money by intergrating complex datamanagement into the overall post production pipeline.

Recent (2013) projects where DIT’s and our Data Management services have been deployed range from a low budget Feature-length Documentary for the ABC, right through to a multi-million dollar Feature Film, currently in full post production with us (watch our news feed for more information, coming soon!).