TV and Film Grading

Soundfirm are leading the way with flexible grading solutions for Film and Broadcast Television work in Australia!

Our Da Vinci Resolve and Digital Vision Nucoda Suites in Sydney and Melbourne provide first-class environments for primary and secondary
colour grading, offering everything from ‘one light’ dailies, through to full projection grading.  When paired with one of our high-end Dolby Professional Reference Monitors, Broadcast Drama and Documentary Directors and DoP’s can be confident that their film is being graded to the very highest technical standard at Soundfirm.

Creatively, we have always operated an ‘open door policy’ in terms of Colourists: we are currently working with some of the finest grading talent in Australia and offer the flexibility to match the talent to your budget and project.

Favoured Freelance Colourists:

Trish Cahill –

Tristan La Fontaine –

Billy Wychgel –

Angela  Cerasi –

Dee McClelland –