Visual Effects (VFX)

Soundfirm’s VFX team is specifically designed to offer high-end outcomes for local films. Our efficient, targeted and versatile approach allows us to achieve the best possible results while remaining budget conscious about your project.

Find your camera angles and get your coverage in a virtual environment before you arrive on set, using real-world scales, lenses, and camera body information.

Our team can work with your crew to ensure that your VFX are shot in the most effective way possible, maximising your result without bloating the budget. 

Walk down the hallway and have a chat with the VFX team while looking at your edit or full-res media. Want to see it projected in a colour calibrated theatre? We can do that too.

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Colour Grading

Our grading rooms are set up for HDR / Dolby Vision grading and can handle files of all sizes, from HD to 3D IMAX and 8K.

Our picture department is obsessed with colour pipeline management to support your choice of colourist. Our open-door policy means you have the broadest choice of creative talent.

Online Editing

Our online edit suites use the most advanced technology, giving you highly efficient finishing and mastering whilst conforming to the highest technical standards. Our flexible infrastructure can accommodate HDR 4K and beyond to meet the most demanding delivery requirements.

Combining the very latest in technical workflows with the industry’s best creative talent, we offer the perfect blend of artistic excellence and technical precision for theatrical and television finishing.

Offline Avid Rooms

We offer picture editing suites in-house to support the creative process and provide a range of custom hardware options so we can meet your exact requirements. The rooms are fully serviced and networked to our screening rooms for instant cut previewing. We can also accommodate remote location offline editing and utilise Salon Sync to allow for seamless collaboration when your editorial team are in multiple locations.

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Our offering is tailored to suits your needs. We can provide in-house or on location data wrangling and dailies processing and have a range of different service level options. We can take care of everything from AVID bin set up and sound sync to dailies grading with the rushes hosted on a secure viewing platform. All our operators are well versed in Scratch and Resolve, and deploy a great amount of care when copying, encoding and archiving RAW camera data and sound recordings.


Deliverables are often difficult to get right and costly if they fail, that’s why we make sure that they are correct when they go out the door. Soundfirm has vast experience successfully delivering to all the major Hollywood studios and streaming services.

Our facilities have earned the respect of many well-known directors: