The Flowers of War

Soundfirm is thrilled to be involved in China and Australia's first 7.1 sound mix! All three of our world class facilities in Australia and Beijing worked on the latest Zhang Yimou feature set in 1937 China at the battle of Nanking. "The Flowers of War" starring Christian Bale tells a tale of sacrifice and honor in one of histories most notorious battles.


Please read more about the film and the 7.1 mix that took place at Soundfirm Sydney on our new world renowned Harrison MPC4-D console. The article can be found in our latest news section.



The Eye of the Storm

"The Eye of the Storm" is an adaptation of Patrick White's Nobel Prize winning 1973 novel and is the first successful film of a White novel. Schepisi's film featuring an extremely sought after cast including Geoffrey Rush, Charlotte Rampling and Judy Davies is a visual gem and Schepisi's first Australian feature since 1988.

Killer Elite

Starring Jason Statham, Robert De Niro and Clive Owen and based on a true story, "Killer Elite" is a high action film that takes us around the world on a dangerous cat and mouse chase. May the best man live.


In line with its long-term philosophy of remaining at the forefront of sound design technology, Australia's premiere mixing facility, Soundfirm Australia, has installed a Harrison MPC4-D console in its renowned Sydney mixing theatre. Read more about it in this press release