Soundfirm at the Oscar's 2017!

HUGE congratulations to all the nominees for the 2017 Oscars. Soundfirm are so proud to have been involved in 3 films up for awards this year. Hacksaw Ridge, Lion and Tanna! Hacksaw Ridge is up for Best Sound Mixing AND Best Sound Editing. Rob Mackenzie and Andy Wright we couldn't be prouder of you guys! A stellar sound team supported by Jed M Dodge, Justine Angus, Liam Price, Tara Webb, Steve Burgess, Diego Ruiz, Mario Vaccaro and Alex Francis. Go team!

6th AACTA awards off to a flying start!

Soundfirm would like to congratulate all the winners and nominees at the 6th AACTA Awards Industry luncheon held in Sydney yesterday. It was an absolute pleasure being involved in many of the projects that were nominated.

A special shout out goes to the brilliant sound team on HACKSAW RIDGE, winner of the AACTA Award for Best Sound. The sound team consisting of Andy Wright, Robert Mackenzie, Kevin O'Connell, Mario Vaccaro, Tara Webb, Peter Grace ASSG. HACKSAW RIDGE also picked up the award for best film, best cinematography and best production design!

A special shout out also goes to Dan Jackson for his captivating film IN THE SHADOW OF THE HILL for winner the AACTA award for best cinematography and best editing in a documentary.

MONSIEUR MAYONNAISE also picked up an award for best composition, congrats to Cezary!

For the full list of winners and nominees see

Dolby Sound Challenge - ATMOS @ Soundfirm

Soundfirm were very happy to be a part of the Dolby Sound Challenge. Soundfirm provided Dolby ATMOS mixes at our Melbourne facility for the top 3 finalists. The winner will be annouced soon!
Check out the link below for a behind the scenes look at the mixing sessions.

Good luck to the finalists! It was a pleasure working with all of you.


Looking for Grace Opening – AUSTRALIA DAY

Its very exciting to see that Looking for Grace will be opening on AUSTRALIA DAY .

Advanced screenings from Friday 22nd January, season commences Thursday 28th January. There will also be a Q&A with Terry and Julia at the NOVA this SUNDAY the 17th at 3pm.

Please go and show your support a great film!



AACTA Award for Best Sound in a Documentary

Soundfirm would like to congratulate all the winners at the 5th AACTA Awards Industry dinner held at The Star last night in Sydney.  It was an absolute pleasure being involved in many of the projects that were nominated.

A special shout out goes to the brilliant sound team on ONLY THE DEAD winner of the  AACTA Award for Best Sound in a Documentary (marking a first AACTA Award win for Leah Katz, Andy Wright and Chris Goodes CAS, and a third AFI or AACTA Award for Steve Burgess).

Soundfirm at the ASSG Awards

On Sunday 22nd November, Soundfirm was proud to be awarded Best Film Sound Mixing for Chris Goodes on “The Dressmaker”, Best Sound for a Documentary to Steve Burgess, Leah Katz, Andy Wright, Chris Goodes & Diego Ruiz on “Only The Dead” and to Liesl Pieterse for voice recording on “Shane Delia’s Spice Journey” in the Best Sound for Lifestyle, Reality or Live Television category.  Well done everyone!

Success @ Monster Fest

Monster Fest's Neil Foley hailed a "brilliant new Aussie horror film from two of Australia's most exciting cinema talents, totally deserving of every bit of success coming its way."

Crystal Monster for Best Film

SCARE CAMPAIGN - Dir. Colin and Cameron Cairnes, Prod. Julie Ryan

Best Feature Screenplay
Colin and Cameron Cairnes - SCARE CAMPAIGN

Best Sound in a Feature

Best Feature Film Director
Colin and Cameron Cairnes - SCARE CAMPAIGN

Monster Jury Award

The Dressmaker

“Thank you for your extraordinary effort over the past few months… You are a truly extraordinary team and together make Soundfirm the best possible place for any filmmaker to finish their film! I am aware of the long hours you have all been putting in, and appreciate this enormously.  Mostly I am just blown away by your talent and you will be a very large part of making this film successfully connect with audiences when it is finally released later this year.”  Sue Maslin – Producer – ‘The Dressmaker.”

Soundfirm have successfully delivered ‘The Dressmaker’ (Kate Winslet, Liam Hemsworth, Hugo Weaving, Sarah Snook, Judy Davis) for Director Jocelyn Moorhouse and Universal Pictures, due for release in Australia on the 29th October 2015.

Cut at Soundfirm Melbourne by Jill Bilcock ('Romeo & Juliet,' 'Moulin Rouge,' 'The Libertine,'), Soundfirm completed the full post production, using facilities in both Sydney and Melbourne.

Complete sound design and post was completed at Soundfirm Melbourne, with Director of Photography, Donald McAlpine attending the projection DI grading suite at Soundfirm Sydney for the final grade (with Colourist, Trish Cahill).

Soundfirm CEO, Roger Savage, took an Executive Producer role on the film, working closely with co-writer P.J Hogan  (‘Peter Pan,’ ‘Muriel’s Wedding,’ ‘Mental’) and Producer, Sue Maslin to ensure the film entered production, and was seamlessly managed through post production, to delivery.

Roger Savage, CEO/Executive Producer, said, "The Dressmaker is a really stunning film: I think audiences will get a lot of joy from the story, and it's been exquisitely shot and directed, with some stand-out performance from Kate (Winslet), Liam (Hemsworth) and Hugo (Weaving), so we have high-hopes that the film will do very well here in Australia, and will travel well overseas too..."  


the dressmaker-poster


Looking For Grace

Soundfirm have completed the full picture and sound post production on ‘Looking for Grace,’ written and directed by Sue Brooks.

Recently nominated for a Golden Lionand a Green Drop Award  at the Venice Film Festival, ‘Looking for Grace’ was selected for official competition earlier in the year, and will have its official Australian release at the Adelaide Film Festival on the 22nd October 2015.

The film was also selected for the Toronto Film Festival, where it enjoyed its North American Premiere.

Soundfirm’s Melbourne team completed the full post production – including the DI, sound post, and delivery.

 ‘Looking for Grace’ is an intimate, funny and profoundly moving story about the complexities of family life.   When impetuous 16-year-old Grace (rising star Odessa Young) takes off, her exasperated mum and dad – Radha Mitchell and Richard Roxburgh – enlist the help of a close-to-retiring detective (Terry Norris) and begin the long drive from Perth out to the West Australian Wheatbelt to try to find her. On the journey, the two must confront the realities of their changing relationship to one another, and to their daughter.  Wry, intriguing and poignant, Brooks’ unflinching reflection on the twinned traumas of adolescence and middle age boasts her trademark sense of character, humour and eye for the hypnotic rhythms of Australia’s most inhospitable landscapes, and is a beautifully moving reminder that life is often what happens while we’re busy making other plans.

“Doing post production at Soundfirm on Looking for Grace was fabulous.  They handled the whole of the post production path from editing, sound design, VFX, mix, grade plus all of the bits and pieces in between. They were more than a post production facility.  They were part of our team technically and creatively.   It was wonderful having a whole post production team in the one building making the film with us” - Sue Brooks – Director “Looking for Grace”

Soundfirm credits:

Sound Post Producer - Helen Field

DI Producer - Catherine Armstrong

DI Supervisor - Jonathan Burton

DI Imaging Assistant - Tim Morton

Colourist - Martin Greer

Re-recording Mixer - Chris Goodes

Dialogue Editors - James Ashton & Simon Rosenberg

Foley Walker - Mario Vaccaro

Foley Recordist - Alex Francis

ADR Recordist - Diego Ruiz

Technical Support - Martin Bayley

Technical Support - Peter Cherny

Soundfirm CEO - Roger Savage



Soundfirm have completed the full picture and sound post production on Anupam Sharma’s and Devendra Dupta’s romantic comedy, ‘UnIndian,’ starring Australian cricket legend, Brett Lee and Tannishtha Chatterjee (‘Brick Lane,’ ‘Anna Karenina’).

Run from Soundfirm’s Sydney Facility, the company managed camera originals, back-ups and media transcodes (with Nir Shelter, DataShelter), partly on-set, and partly back in the facility – and then the full post, from Editorial/cutting rooms at their facility on Fox Studios, to DI/picture post, sound post production and delivery.

The Production’s editorial team were able to preview shots and VFX plates directly from the cutting room to Soundfirm’s 30-seater DI projection grading/preview room, providing a real short-hand for the film-makers.

VFX and motion graphics were also managed in-house, as Soundfirm directly commissioned local artist, Nils Crompton, who located himself in the Soundfirm building to work closely with the original media, the Director and the Editor, providing very tangible creative and logistical advantages.

Sound FX and additional design was seamlessly provided by Soundfirm’s Melbourne team.

“…we had to take a very hands-on approach to managing the post production on this film and being able to do that entirely under one-roof made it possible,” said General Manager, Paul Willey.  "Centrally managing the data, the editorial and the full finishing post is the best way to ensure we can adapt and provide flexibility to the film-maker," he added.

‘UnInidian’ has its Gala Premiere on the 7th October, and will release in Australia and globally, later in the year.


Colourist – Trish Cahill

Conform and Online Editor – Shane Goddard

Sound Designers – Andy Wright & Steve Burgess

Dialogue Editor and Re-recording Mixer  – Andy Wright

Dialogue and ADR – Diego Ruiz

Foley Recordist – Alex Francis

Foley Recordist – Adam Connelly

Foley Walker – Mario Vaccaro

Sound Assistant – Tanya Payne

VFX – Nils Crompton (RMK Crew)

Digital Imaging Technician – Nir Shelter (Data Shelter)

Post Producer – Jasmin Turnbull

General Manager – Paul Willey



Beautiful divorcee and single mother of one, Meera (Tannishtha Chatterjee) is an Australian of Indian origin. Smart and independent, she has carved out a successful life for herself and her daughter ... despite family pressure to find 'a nice Indian match'. Then Meera meets Will (Brett Lee)... tall and blonde with a charming smile. But falling in love with an Australian man is not only scandalous - it's unindian! Does she do as her family wishes? ... Or does she follow her heart and live her life the way she wants? Highlighting the complexities of wooing another from a different culture, unINDIAN is a comedy with a lot of heart and a little spice!