Soundfirm at the ASSG Awards

On Sunday 22nd November, Soundfirm was proud to be awarded Best Film Sound Mixing for Chris Goodes on “The Dressmaker”, Best Sound for a Documentary to Steve Burgess, Leah Katz, Andy Wright, Chris Goodes & Diego Ruiz on “Only The Dead” and to Liesl Pieterse for voice recording on “Shane Delia’s Spice Journey” in the Best Sound for Lifestyle, Reality or Live Television category.  Well done everyone!

Success @ Monster Fest

Monster Fest's Neil Foley hailed a "brilliant new Aussie horror film from two of Australia's most exciting cinema talents, totally deserving of every bit of success coming its way."

Crystal Monster for Best Film

SCARE CAMPAIGN - Dir. Colin and Cameron Cairnes, Prod. Julie Ryan

Best Feature Screenplay
Colin and Cameron Cairnes - SCARE CAMPAIGN

Best Sound in a Feature

Best Feature Film Director
Colin and Cameron Cairnes - SCARE CAMPAIGN

Monster Jury Award