“Soundfirm did an outstanding job on ‘Carlotta.’ At every stage they lavished care and creativity on the sound post. The final mix was a rich, multi-layered and textured product that would have played perfectly in any cinema let alone work so superbly for television. Great facility, great personnel and a great result”Riccardo Pellizzeri, Producer, Storyworks/Carlotta.

Soundfirm are proud to have completed the full sound post production on the telemovie, ‘Carlotta’ for Storyworks and ABC1’s Drama Department, which airs on the 19th June 2014.

Directed by Samantha Lang, and Produced by Ric Pellizzeri and Lara Radulovich, ‘Carlotta’ stars Jessica Marais in the title role, recounting the true story of Australia’s most celebrated trans-gender show-girl at Sydney’s all-male revue, ‘ Les Girls,’ in the 1960’s and 70’s.

Soundfirm deployed their facilities in both Melbourne and Sydney to complete the feature-length track: Head Mixer Andy Wright over-saw proceedings, including a very intelligent, creative, and subtle pitch correct of Marais’s voice in post production, as the transformation from Balmain school-boy to Kings Cross show-girl was realised.

Soundfirm’s were able to deliver a very ‘theatrical’ track on a broadcast budget, and worked tirelessly to provide the scale of a cinema piece for the small screen; bringing ADR, foley, sound editorial, pre-and final mixing  all under the one roof.

General Manager, Paul Willey said “Andy and the team should be rightly proud.  This film was designed, mixed and finished with the ambition of a full-scale  theatrical project. The final 5.1 delivery is the result of a lot of hard work from the whole creative team at Soundfirm.  It re-affirms our passion for working on high quality TV drama and proves we have the skills and agility to deliver such projects on time, and within budget.”

Carlotta airs on ABC1 in Australia at 20.30, 19th June 2014.