Soundfirm have completed the sound track on the Spierig brothers cult sci-fi adventure “Predestination,” starring Ethan Hawke, Sarah Snook, Noah Taylor and Madeleine West.

Sound Supervisor and Senior Re-recording Mixer, Chris Goodes, skilfully designed the sound track, mixing and delivering in 7.1 from Soundfirm’s main mix stage in Melbourne.

Chris was ably supported by James Ashton (dialogue edit), Glen Newnham (crowds and loop group edit) and Steve Burgess (FX/atmosphere edit) in Melbourne, while foley was completed by the Soundfirm team in Sydney (led by Alex Francis and Mario Vaccaro).

Sarah Snook’s characters in particular needed careful attention in terms of sound design, as Chris played with the pitch of both the male and the female voices, to produce a very nuanced and believable result; especially when two characters, played by the same actor, were required to converse.

Equally, the ‘time-jump sequences’ (between different time periods and locations) called for specific sound design and creativity, with each transition requiring its own aesthetic in terms of how sound was used to ‘pull the audience along’ for the ride.

Predestination cleaned up at the 2015 ACCTA Awards in Sydney, winning in several of the craft categories, including ‘Best Production Design,’ ‘Best Cinematography’ and ‘Best Editing.’