Soundfirm joins the Australia-China Film Industry Forum (ACFIF) in Shanghai.

Soundfirm have been asked to be involved in the ACFIF in Shanghai, organised by The Australian Embassy in Beijing, and AusFilm.

As well as maintaining a focus on the development and expansion of Producer relationships with China co-production partners, the ACFIF additionally focused on 3D, post, digital and visual production.  The mission further highlights the strengths of the Australian post-production and visual effects industries.

The following Australian producers were selected to attend ACFIF to meet with leading Chinese production partners for the development of specific co-production projects that hold international appeal

Australian Producer & Post Production Delegation – ACFIF 2013:

Alan Erson Essential Media and Entertainment, NSW
Alan Lindsay VUE Group, WA

Carmelo Musca CM Films, WA
Chris Brown Pictures In Paradise, QLD
David Parker Cascade Films, VIC

Ivan Sen BUNYA Productions, NSW
Janelle Landers WBMC, WA
Kerri Schwarze Complete Post, VIC
Marcus Gillezeau Firelight Productions, NSW
Mario Andreacchio AMPCO Films, SA
Michael Tear Bearcage Films, ACT
Paul He Mayblossum Productions, NSW
Paul Sullivan Benchmark Films, NSW
Paul Willey Soundfirm, NSW
Ross Hutchens Media World Pictures, WA

Tim White Southern Light Films, NSW
Todd Fellman Story Bridge Films, QLD
Troy Zafer ZAC Toons, WA
Yan Zhao SeaLight Pictures, NSW

Geng Ling, Soundfirm, Beijing.
Joining a panel of Post production experts, Soundfirm’s General Manager (Sydney), Paul Willey and Soundfirm’s Managing Director (Beijing) Geng Ling, were both questioned by AusFilm’s CEO Debra Richards about the future of the industry and the viability of China/Australia co-productions in the current market.