Life at 9


Soundfirm Sydney have completed the full picture and sound post production on ‘Life at 9’ – the 5th installment of the seminal ‘Life Series’ of documentaries, for Heiress Films and the ABC.

Life at 9’ provides a window on Australian childhood in an effort to uncover just what it is that gives a child the best chance at life.  Explored through ‘Independence’ (episode 1) and ‘Creativity’ (episode 2), the series represents a comprehensive study of childhood development, from first picking up their stories at aged just one, to now, 8 years later.

Soundfirm undertook the full post production from their Sydney facility; from on-set and on-location data management, though to a complex multi-camera conform, grade and online; full sound post production, and management of delivery to the ABC.

Producer, Naomi Just, said “Soundfirm saw us through our picture and sound post production for “Life at 9”, helping us with a holistic production pathway, for which I am most grateful.”

“’’The Life Series’ is a really important and compelling piece of documentary,” said Soundfirm General Manager, Paul Willey.  “We’re proud to have been able to deliver an end-to-end solution; working through the complexities of the series with the client, and meeting the challenges inherent in a project of this scale head-on.”

‘Life at 9 – Independence’ airs on the ABC tonight, 29th July 2014;  episode 2, ‘Creativity’ airs on the 5th August,  both at 20.30hrs. 

Soundfirm Post Production:

Offline resources – Spectrum Films, Fox Studios

Jasmin Cornford – Post Production Manager

Colourist – Angela Cerasi

Online Editor – Shane Goddard

Senior Mixer/Head of Sound – Andy Wright

VO Recordist – Diego Ruiz