Fantastic client feedback! Thank you, 'Love of my Life.'

"Can I say what a pleasure it was to spend time in a facility that has the relaxed, efficient, professional and progressive culture in place, that I experienced at Soundfirm! Everyone I had dealings with went out of their way to facilitate completion of our project in a timely fashion." John Salter, Sound Supervisor, 'Love of my Life.'

Soundfirm have just completed the final mix on 'Love of my Life.'  Directed by Michael Budd and mixed in Sydney's Theatre 1 by John Salter, 'Love of my Life' will be the 'must watch' genre film of the year when it is released to excited horror fans at the end of 2013!  We are pleased to have been able to accommodate John and Michael.


Underbelly Squizzy

Soundfirm were totally squizzy about being involved with the latest installment of Nine Network's Underbelly.

Our Melbourne and Sydney facilities delivered a complete sound package, adding essential elements to an enthralling tale following the life and career of notorious Melbourne gangster, Squizzy Taylor.

Miss Nikki and The Tiger Girls

Soundfirm have completed the full post production on the award winning documentary, “Miss Nikki and The Tiger Girls” for Iris Pictures.

Our Sydney facility provided a ‘full ‘package’ of creative and delivery services, from a dry-hire cutting room for the offline Editor, Rochelle Oshlack, right through to the final picture grade (Trish Cahill on DaVinci Resolve), online edit, sound edit, ADR/Voice-over, and full sound Mix for theatrical and Broadcast release.

Director, Juliet Lamont said,  “It was a gift to have our sound and picture done at Soundfirm. It left space for all of our creative energy to go where it was needed most - transforming our small quiet film into a big loud sexy one!”


Developed by Iris Pictures and award-winning Writer/Director Juliet Lamont, Miss Nikki and the Tiger Girls follows the fortunes of the six young women who are giving their all to gain success on the international music scene, as members of Myanmar’s first all-girl band.  The documentary was funded under Screen Australia’s Special Documentary program. It was one of a handful of projects selected in the 2011 ITVS funding round, out of 500 applications from 109 countries. It also won a spot at the prestigious Hot Docs pitching forum in Canada in May 2011.

At the heart of the film is dynamic Australian singer and dancer Nicole May who has ambitions to empower the girls in the band – giving them freedom of expression, self-belief and encouraging them to write original material. A big undertaking in a music industry dominated by Western ‘copy tracks.’  Juliet Lamont’s feature documentary The Snowman (2010) won the Australian Documentary Prize at the 57th Sydney Film Festival and has recently been nominated for an AFI Award for Best Feature Documentary.

Red Obsession

Soundfirm have recently completed the full picture and sound post production on Warwick Ross’s “Red Obsession” for local and offshore release.

The film premiered at the Toronto Film Festival, and was the subject of a special Gala Evening at the Sydney Film Festival in June.  The film was conformed and graded in our Mistika Suite in Sydney, and the final mix was completed in Melbourne.

The legendary Bordeaux region, ‘the best plot of land in the world', has been producing valued wine for centuries. The region's fortunes, long exposed to the vagaries of climate, are now swayed by market forces. In 2010, when a vintage year was on the cards, the global financial crisis ensured that Western pockets were empty, and cashed-up Chinese buyers set the price. This shift, fuelled by the East's obsession with these illustrious vineyards, created a perfect wine storm; co-director and vigneron Warwick Ross documented the upheaval.

Narrated by Russell Crowe, Red Obsession is an expertly told, delectable tale of a much-coveted global commodity in times of change.



Colour Grading Monitors from Dolby @ Soundfirm

Soundfirm continues to ramp up its investment in picture post production technology, with the purchase of additional Dolby PRM-4200’s monitors.

Soundfirm were the first facility in Australia to invest in the Dolby PRM, and have now added further units to their suites in Sydney, Melbourne and Beijing.

The Emmy® Award–winning Dolby monitor is the first monitor to accurately display the full latitude of today's high-end digital cameras. It facilitates the creative process for colourists, cinematographers, and video professionals by ensuring that the final image will reflect exactly what they see on the monitor. Dolby’s patented dual-modulation display technology produces images of the highest quality possible on a flat-panel monitor, delivering true blacks, exceptional dark detail, high contrast, wide dynamic range, and reliable performance over a long lifetime.

"We have always had an ‘open door’ policy in terms of grading talent, but when matched with industry-leading kit, such as the Dolby PRM’s, we find ourselves with a very potent offering to help film-makers realise their creative vision," said Paul Willey, Soundfirm’s General Manager, Sydney.  “It’s a real boon to be able to offer the full suite of post production services under one roof, all managed centrally by our experienced team,” he added.

Soundfirm have recently provided the complete ‘full post package of sound and picture’ for Sarah Spillane’s “Around The Block” and Warwick Ross’s “Red Obsession.”

Soundfirm joins the Australia-China Film Industry Forum (ACFIF) in Shanghai.

Soundfirm have been asked to be involved in the ACFIF in Shanghai, organised by The Australian Embassy in Beijing, and AusFilm.

As well as maintaining a focus on the development and expansion of Producer relationships with China co-production partners, the ACFIF additionally focused on 3D, post, digital and visual production.  The mission further highlights the strengths of the Australian post-production and visual effects industries.

The following Australian producers were selected to attend ACFIF to meet with leading Chinese production partners for the development of specific co-production projects that hold international appeal

Australian Producer & Post Production Delegation – ACFIF 2013:

Alan Erson Essential Media and Entertainment, NSW
Alan Lindsay VUE Group, WA

Carmelo Musca CM Films, WA
Chris Brown Pictures In Paradise, QLD
David Parker Cascade Films, VIC

Ivan Sen BUNYA Productions, NSW
Janelle Landers WBMC, WA
Kerri Schwarze Complete Post, VIC
Marcus Gillezeau Firelight Productions, NSW
Mario Andreacchio AMPCO Films, SA
Michael Tear Bearcage Films, ACT
Paul He Mayblossum Productions, NSW
Paul Sullivan Benchmark Films, NSW
Paul Willey Soundfirm, NSW
Ross Hutchens Media World Pictures, WA

Tim White Southern Light Films, NSW
Todd Fellman Story Bridge Films, QLD
Troy Zafer ZAC Toons, WA
Yan Zhao SeaLight Pictures, NSW

Geng Ling, Soundfirm, Beijing.
Joining a panel of Post production experts, Soundfirm’s General Manager (Sydney), Paul Willey and Soundfirm’s Managing Director (Beijing) Geng Ling, were both questioned by AusFilm’s CEO Debra Richards about the future of the industry and the viability of China/Australia co-productions in the current market.