Kill Me Three Times

Soundfirm have completed the full post production on Kriv Stenders’ ‘Kill Me Three Times,’ starring Simon Pegg, Sullivan Stapleton, Luke Hemsworth, Alice Braga, and Teresa Palmer.

Gruesome and hilarious, ‘Kill Me Three Times’ is a blackly comic neo-noir that unfolds in a small Australian surfing town under a blinding sun;  all the better to illuminate its cleverly designed network of malfeasance, as Charlie Wolfe (Pegg) quickly comes to learn that he isn’t the only one trying to kill the town’s siren, Alice Taylor (Braga).

Director Kriv Stenders and screenwriter James McFarland have crafted a suspenseful, knotted plot rigged with hairpin turns and bleak surprises, while cinematographer Geoffrey Simpson’s sun-punched images keep us grounded in a world of sweaty tension, careering from one perspective to the next.

Editor Jill Billcock’s masterful edit was skilfully complemented by the Soundfirm team in post production: picture and sound post were centrally managed from their Melbourne Facility, with Dee McClelland grading on Resolve, Jonathan Burton managing picture delivery, and Chris Goodes acting as Sound Supervisor.

Soundfirm CEO Roger Savage said, “we are really proud to have been able to work with Kriv on ‘Kill Me Three Times,’ following successful collaborations with him in the past.  Being able to accommodate everything under one roof realised both time and cost savings during post, and allowed everyone to focus on crafting the best film possible.”

Kill Me Three Times’ will have it’s World Premier on the 6th September at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).