Soundfirm proudly supports the ASSG

Soundfirm are proud to announce their support and sponsorship of the Australian Screen Sound Guild (ASSG), and will be hosting the screening of 16 Australian films over the next three weeks at their studios on Fox Studios.

The screenings mark the ASSG’s ‘2nd Celebration of Sound for Australian Film’ ahead of the annual Awards, which will take place on Sunday 23rd November 2014.

General Manager, Paul Willey, said “we really delighted to be supporting the ASSG this year.  Since the late 80’s the Guild has played an important role in educating, advancing, and celebrating the craft of screen sound locally, and it’s more important than ever that these principles are promoted, both here in Australia and to overseas markets.”

Entries are now open for the following categories:

The categories for this year’s awards are:

Best Sound for a Television Commercial or Promo

Best Sound for an Animated Short Film

Best Sound for a Short Fiction Film

Best Sound for Lifestyle, Reality or Live Television

Best Sound for a Tele Feature

Best Sound for a Television Drama Series

Best Sound for a Documentary

Best Sound for Interactive Media

Best Sound for a Feature Film