Dolby® Atmos™ arrives in Australia @ Soundfirm

Soundfirm installs Dolby® Atmos™ into their new flag-ship theatre: the first and only Atmos mixing theatre in Australia!

We’re proud to announce the installation of Dolby Atmos into our Melbourne Facility: the first and only post production theatre in Australia to deploy this ground-breaking technology.

Dolby Atmos unleashes the potential of sound in storytelling by giving film-makers and mixers the creative freedom to easily place or move specific sounds anywhere in the movie theatre, not just wherever there happens to be speakers.


The result is what moviegoers have described as the most engaging and immersive cinema sound experience ever, propelling cinema sound to the level that image has achieved with its 4K, 3D and 48FPS technologies. At the same time, Dolby Atmos promises to revolutionise movie distribution by eliminating the need for multiple print masters: a single delivery file will now play faithfully in any theatre.

Soundfirm joins an elite list of just 30 facilities globally that are able to offer this ground-breaking technology.  Our beautiful Theatre 1, at our Port Melbourne facility, is set-up for Atmos mixes (plus 7.1/5.1 down-mixes), and has been built to provide  the Feature Film and Cinema Commercials markets with the finest mixing and delivery environment in the country.

Since launching just over a year ago, over 40 films around the world have been announced or released with Dolby Atmos sound, with more  than 100 screens enabled globally.

For more information, please contact Helen, Mel, Chris or Roger @ Soundfirm, Melbourne.