Gayby Baby

Following the successful completion of the ‘opening shot’ short for the ABC, Director Maya Newell returned to Soundfirm for the post production on her feature film, “Gaybe Baby.” 

Soundfirm’s Andy Wright once again took the lead, with intelligent sound design and mixing, building on the great work he had done with Charlotte and Maya prior.  We are delighted to be involved and, further, would encourage audiences to not only engage with this smart film, but also to back the campaign for equal rights in Australia at: 

#sayyestolove  – ‘Gaybe Baby’ will be in cinemas from the 3rd September 2015.

Soundfirm have completed the full picture and sound post production on Maya Newell’s documentary, ‘Growing Up Gayby,’ for Screen Australia and the ABC.

Newell’s film is part of the ABC’s ‘OPENING SHOT’ series: a collection of documentaries made by Australia’s next generation of filmmakers.  ‘GROWING UP GAYBY’ opens the season, and follows director Maya Newell, herself raised by two mums, as she explores the impact of gay parenting.

Soundfirm completed the entire project out of their Sydney facility, including accommodating Rochelle and the offline in their cutting rooms (on Fox Studios), through to the Full Grade (Da Vinci’s Resolve via the Dolby PRM Monitor) and online edit, with the narration record, sound design and final mix also completed under the one roof.  Soundfirm even managed the transfer and treatment of very old VHS archive material which became crucial to the story-telling in the edit.

“Maya’s film is a really smart piece of journalism: intelligently made, and well crafted.  It’s been a pleasure working with her, Charlotte and Rochelle,” said Paul Willey, Soundfirm General Manager.

“Soundfirm have a genuine passion for factual story-telling, and we love collaborating with young film-makers to help get these wonderful narratives on screen and into the public consciousness,” he added.

The film is available on ABC’s catch-up service, ABC iview, and via the Opening Shot Facebook Page at


Director, Maya Newell.

Producer, Charlotte Mars

Offline Editor, Rochelle Oshlack

Colourist, Angela Cerasi

Online/Deliverables/Media Management, Bruce Emery & Shane Goddard

Senior Sound Editor/Mixer, Andy Wright

V/O Recordist, Diego Ruiz

General Manager, Paul Willey

Facility Co-ordinator, Jasmin Cornford