Lest We Forget What? ABC2.

Soundfirm have completed the editorial and audio post production on Kate Aubusson’s documentary ‘Lest We Forget What?’ for the ABC, ahead of ANZAC Day Commemorations.

Editorial (offline) was based at Soundfirm’s Sydney facility, and further accommodated at their building on Fox Studios, to facilitate extra edit time and moving schedules.  Broadcaster screenings were also undertaken in Soundfirm’s broadcast-edit room, both on the Dolby PRM Monitor, and on our 4k client viewing monitor.

Soundfirm’s Diego Ruiz expertly cut, pre-and-final mixed the film, as well as undertaking the recording of ADR, and a narration track.

When we reflect on WWI what are we remembering? The facts, or just one small part of the ANZAC story, a story steeped in legend? Ask yourself this question when ANZAC Day comes about – Lest we forget what?

Soundfirm’s General Manager, Paul Willey said “Diego (Ruiz) should be very proud of his work on this project.  He worked tirelessly to ensure that the broadcast track was the perfect mix.  The support we offered this film, both commercially and creatively, proves our desire to ensure that quality documentary plays a key role in Australia’s TV-watching culture.  Our facilities are set-up to offer just that sort of support and flexibility to film-makers in the factual space now.”



 The film airs on Sunday 19th April, repeated on the 22nd at 9.30pm, ABC2.