Soundfirm have recently completed and delivered the full sound post production on “Schapelle”; one of the most hotly-anticipated dramas on Channel Nine’s Summer programming line up.

The telemovie follows the true story of the 27-year-old beauty school drop-out from the Gold Coast, who was arrested at Bali airport with 4.2kg of marijuana in a boogie board bag.  At first, Schapelle’s arrest was barely noticed by the Australian media, but once photographs and details of the story were published, it sparked a media frenzy. Schapelle (played by actor Krew Boylan) avoided the death penalty, but was sentenced to 20 years in Bali’s notorious Kerobokan Prison.  Her arrest and trial become a real-life soap opera that shocked and divided the nation. A decade later the question remains, did she really do it?

The films’s broadcast, on the eve of Schapelle’s own release in Bali on the 10th February, sparked a controversial dialogue in the media, and across social networks.

“Schappelle” sees Soundfirm continue to develop their reputation for finishing high-end TV dramas, Docu-dramas and Telemovies, bringing over 30 years of feature film experience to the Australian TV market. Soundfirm oversaw the sound design, foley, ADR and final mix of this project across their facilities in Melbourne and Sydney. Their inter-state facilities have once again delivered an “under-one-roof”  solution for sound post production; building the best sound team of dialogue, FX and atmosphere Editors (regardless of location) to the film, as well as ADR and foley.









Soundfirm Post Producer: Melissa Lee (Melbourne)

Foley Team: Mario Vaccaro, George Alamaras & Alex Francis

ADR: Diego Ruiz & Nicky Robinson

Dialogue Editor: Ralph Ortner

Sound Mixer: Ralph Ortner

FX Editor: Simon Rosenberg