Please Like Me

Soundfirm have completed the full picture and sound post production on ABC2's award winning comedy drama, 'Please Like Me.'

Hot on the heels of the 'Best Television Comedy Series' Award at the AACTA's, Series 2 sees Josh return to our screens in a 10-part series - fun, frolics and a small amount of trouble can be expected!

Lisa Wang, Line Producer, said: "In this business it's a given that you need to be good at what you do. We know it can be tough and challenging, so three boxes that must be ticked are service, quality and technical excellence. Soundfirm does all of the above. That's why we chose them to handle the Post Production for "Please Like Me - Series 2." We knew in Australia and internationally they have created a distinctive and enviable track record. Now we know why. And I've noticed that they don't stand still. They continue to develop, evolve and innovate. We've already scheduled all our Post requirements for series 3 in 2015 with Soundfirm. Because they are very, very good at what they do."

Please Like Me airs on ABC2 through August and September and will be distributed through the US by Pivot.

Sound Post Production - Soundfirm Melbourne (Foley at Soundfirm Sydney) - Chris Goodes, Simon Rosenberg)

Picture Post Production - Soundfirm Melbourne - Jonathan Burton, Dee McClelland


Soundfirm have completed the sound track on the Spierig brothers cult sci-fi adventure “Predestination,” starring Ethan Hawke, Sarah Snook, Noah Taylor and Madeleine West.

Sound Supervisor and Senior Re-recording Mixer, Chris Goodes, skilfully designed the sound track, mixing and delivering in 7.1 from Soundfirm’s main mix stage in Melbourne.

Chris was ably supported by James Ashton (dialogue edit), Glen Newnham (crowds and loop group edit) and Steve Burgess (FX/atmosphere edit) in Melbourne, while foley was completed by the Soundfirm team in Sydney (led by Alex Francis and Mario Vaccaro).

Sarah Snook’s characters in particular needed careful attention in terms of sound design, as Chris played with the pitch of both the male and the female voices, to produce a very nuanced and believable result; especially when two characters, played by the same actor, were required to converse.

Equally, the ‘time-jump sequences' (between different time periods and locations) called for specific sound design and creativity, with each transition requiring its own aesthetic in terms of how sound was used to ‘pull the audience along’ for the ride.

Predestination cleaned up at the 2015 ACCTA Awards in Sydney, winning in several of the craft categories, including ‘Best Production Design,’ ‘Best Cinematography’ and ‘Best Editing.’



Driving Miss Daisy

With the filmed version of Alfred Urhy’s acclaimed stage play ‘Driving Miss Daisy’ hitting cinema screens around the world, Melbourne has a starring role behind the scenes. The movie was shot at our own Comedy Theatre during the show’s Australian tour, following highly successful runs on Broadway and in London.

Starring legends of stage and screen Angela Lansbury and James Earl Jones, a local crew was used for the six-camera shoot and Melbourne-based Soundfirm completed all post-production – picture and sound.  Another feather in our cap was the choice of editor, local luminary Jill Bilcock, who clinched the gig with the special blessing of Ms Lansbury.

Melbourne’s stage production was universally praised and New York company Broadway Near You (dedicated to bringing Broadway and West End plays to the big screen) commissioned Melbourne’s Richard Moore of Umbrella Entertainment to produce the movie version.

CEO of Broadway Near You, Lee Deboer, has praised the film, saying, ‘The perfect rendition of Driving Miss Daisy was also captured perfectly – and a big part of that achievement was Soundfirm’. Take a bow Melbourne!

The film is initially screening at Village Cinemas on August 2 and 3, featuring a Q&A session with Angela Lansbury beamed in from London, followed by an Australia-wide limited season.


“Soundfirm did an outstanding job on 'Carlotta.' At every stage they lavished care and creativity on the sound post. The final mix was a rich, multi-layered and textured product that would have played perfectly in any cinema let alone work so superbly for television. Great facility, great personnel and a great result”Riccardo Pellizzeri, Producer, Storyworks/Carlotta.

Soundfirm are proud to have completed the full sound post production on the telemovie, ‘Carlotta’ for Storyworks and ABC1’s Drama Department, which airs on the 19th June 2014.

Directed by Samantha Lang, and Produced by Ric Pellizzeri and Lara Radulovich, ‘Carlotta’ stars Jessica Marais in the title role, recounting the true story of Australia’s most celebrated trans-gender show-girl at Sydney’s all-male revue, ‘ Les Girls,’ in the 1960’s and 70’s.

Soundfirm deployed their facilities in both Melbourne and Sydney to complete the feature-length track: Head Mixer Andy Wright over-saw proceedings, including a very intelligent, creative, and subtle pitch correct of Marais’s voice in post production, as the transformation from Balmain school-boy to Kings Cross show-girl was realised.

Soundfirm’s were able to deliver a very ‘theatrical’ track on a broadcast budget, and worked tirelessly to provide the scale of a cinema piece for the small screen; bringing ADR, foley, sound editorial, pre-and final mixing  all under the one roof.

General Manager, Paul Willey said “Andy and the team should be rightly proud.  This film was designed, mixed and finished with the ambition of a full-scale  theatrical project. The final 5.1 delivery is the result of a lot of hard work from the whole creative team at Soundfirm.  It re-affirms our passion for working on high quality TV drama and proves we have the skills and agility to deliver such projects on time, and within budget.”

Carlotta airs on ABC1 in Australia at 20.30, 19th June 2014.

Gayby Baby

Following the successful completion of the 'opening shot' short for the ABC, Director Maya Newell returned to Soundfirm for the post production on her feature film, "Gaybe Baby." 

Soundfirm's Andy Wright once again took the lead, with intelligent sound design and mixing, building on the great work he had done with Charlotte and Maya prior.  We are delighted to be involved and, further, would encourage audiences to not only engage with this smart film, but also to back the campaign for equal rights in Australia at: 

#sayyestolove  - 'Gaybe Baby' will be in cinemas from the 3rd September 2015.

Soundfirm have completed the full picture and sound post production on Maya Newell’s documentary, ‘Growing Up Gayby,’ for Screen Australia and the ABC.

Newell’s film is part of the ABC’s ‘OPENING SHOT’ series: a collection of documentaries made by Australia’s next generation of filmmakers.  ‘GROWING UP GAYBY’ opens the season, and follows director Maya Newell, herself raised by two mums, as she explores the impact of gay parenting.

Soundfirm completed the entire project out of their Sydney facility, including accommodating Rochelle and the offline in their cutting rooms (on Fox Studios), through to the Full Grade (Da Vinci’s Resolve via the Dolby PRM Monitor) and online edit, with the narration record, sound design and final mix also completed under the one roof.  Soundfirm even managed the transfer and treatment of very old VHS archive material which became crucial to the story-telling in the edit.

“Maya’s film is a really smart piece of journalism: intelligently made, and well crafted.  It’s been a pleasure working with her, Charlotte and Rochelle,” said Paul Willey, Soundfirm General Manager.

“Soundfirm have a genuine passion for factual story-telling, and we love collaborating with young film-makers to help get these wonderful narratives on screen and into the public consciousness,” he added.

The film is available on ABC's catch-up service, ABC iview, and via the Opening Shot Facebook Page at


Director, Maya Newell.

Producer, Charlotte Mars

Offline Editor, Rochelle Oshlack

Colourist, Angela Cerasi

Online/Deliverables/Media Management, Bruce Emery & Shane Goddard

Senior Sound Editor/Mixer, Andy Wright

V/O Recordist, Diego Ruiz

General Manager, Paul Willey

Facility Co-ordinator, Jasmin Cornford