Lest We Forget What? ABC2.

Soundfirm have completed the editorial and audio post production on Kate Aubusson's documentary ‘Lest We Forget What?’ for the ABC, ahead of ANZAC Day Commemorations.

Editorial (offline) was based at Soundfirm’s Sydney facility, and further accommodated at their building on Fox Studios, to facilitate extra edit time and moving schedules.  Broadcaster screenings were also undertaken in Soundfirm’s broadcast-edit room, both on the Dolby PRM Monitor, and on our 4k client viewing monitor.

Soundfirm’s Diego Ruiz expertly cut, pre-and-final mixed the film, as well as undertaking the recording of ADR, and a narration track.

When we reflect on WWI what are we remembering? The facts, or just one small part of the ANZAC story, a story steeped in legend? Ask yourself this question when ANZAC Day comes about - Lest we forget what?

Soundfirm’s General Manager, Paul Willey said “Diego (Ruiz) should be very proud of his work on this project.  He worked tirelessly to ensure that the broadcast track was the perfect mix.  The support we offered this film, both commercially and creatively, proves our desire to ensure that quality documentary plays a key role in Australia’s TV-watching culture.  Our facilities are set-up to offer just that sort of support and flexibility to film-makers in the factual space now.”



 The film airs on Sunday 19th April, repeated on the 22nd at 9.30pm, ABC2.









Soundfirm CEO at The 5th Beijing Film Festival 2015

Soundfirm CEO, Roger Savage, will be in China this week, attending the Beijing International Film Festival, and Beijing Film Market.

Roger will be joined by Managing Director, Soundfirm Beijing, Geng Ling.  We will have a presence at both the film market and the main festival.

Soundfirm have operated in China for well over a decade – one of the first Australian film and TV companies to collaborate in the Chinese market, and certainly the first Australian post production company to engage with local Chinese film makers working internationally and on the mainland.

For meetings and schedules, please contact Helen Field or Paul Willey.


Net-Work-Play 2015

Our General Manager, Paul Willey, will be attending Net-Work-Play in Adelaide next week.

For catch-ups and conversations, do drop us a line.  https://www.net-work-play.com/



"Good luck and great success in the coming New Year"

We wish our friends, clients and colleagues all the very best for the Chinese New Year, the year of the Goat, 2015!



Re-fit for Sydney’s foley stage

Soundfirm’s foley stage in Sydney has just taken a week off to clean and re-fit the traps - and we’re now ready for action!

Foley walker, Mario Vaccaro, has been with the team for over 20 years, and is widely regarded as the best in Australia at the ‘dark arts’ of foley walking!  Alex Francis works closely with Mario to provide first-class recording and editing.  http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0882861/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1 

Soundfirm have two foley stages: one in Sydney (on Fox Studios) and one in Beijing, China.  We work  for film-makers needing a fully-fitted track for International delivery, and comprehensive coverage on Broadcast TV projects (especially drama) and feature films of all budget levels.

Give us a call, and we'd be happy to spot your project to advise on budget and schedule....


Chris Goodes hosts the AES

Soundfirm’s Sound Supervisor, Chris Goodes, has hosted a sectional meeting of the Audio Engineering Society in our DolbyAtmos Theatre, Melbourne.

Chris gave delegates a complete run-down of the history of cinematic sound from the early 1920’s through to the present day, as technologies such as DolbyAtmos continue to push sound presentation to a new level and become ubiquitous in the market.

An audio recording of the session can be found online, via the AES.




Soundfirm @ the AACTA Awards 2015

Congratulations to clients old and new who have been celebrating at the AACTA Awards this week, held at The Star, Sydney.

Particular congrats to Martin McGrath, DoP, who recently shot 'UnIndian' (currently posting with us on Fox Studios), not to mention our friends at Shine for 'The Voice' - and the 'Please Like Me' team who worked with us in Melbourne; all of whom were winners in one category or another.

We look forward to seeing you at the bar!

Paper Planes - Dolby Atmos Mix & Soundtrack

Soundfirm has completed the full soundtrack on Robert Connolly’s ‘Paper Planes,’ set for Australian and global release on 15th January 2015.

Paper Planes’ was the very first Australian feature to be fully conceived  in ‘Dolby Atmos from day one, allowing Soundfirm’s Sound Supervisor and Sound Designer, Chris Goodes unlimited creative control over the track from the very beginning of the project.

Chris designed all sound FX for the paper planes, in addition to special ‘movement’ sequences in Dolby Atmos; working closely with FX Editor, Emma Bortignon, who cut all the atmospheres and FX in 9.1 (by utilising overhead speakers in one of Soundfirm's sound design suites), ahead of the final mix.

Audiences around the world have become accustomed to the application of Dolby Atmos for large-scale VFX, Action or Sci-fi films, but ‘Paper Planes’ clearly illustrates the use of the medium to enhance drama, and create truly immersive experiences in other cinematic genres.

Chris’s work with Composer, Nigel Westlake and Music Recording & Mix Engineer, Lachlan Carrick, was especially significant in the crafting of this unique track.  Nigel said:

“It's always gratifying to engage with a Director who sees music as a priority, and is willing to allocate appropriate resources to the task. The score has been beautifully captured in glistening detail by sound engineer Lachlan Carrick, and with the invaluable assistance of Jessica Wells who took on the task of assisting me with the orchestration, it was brought to life by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra in three days of thrilling recording at the Iwaki auditorium in Melbourne.”

The opportunity to have immediate feedback from Chris and Rob, and (to) be monitoring in the same space really informed our working process, and was very critical in shaping our approach.

Nigel and his team were quick to heap praise on Soundfirm’s team, and their DolbyAtmos Mixing stage in Melbourne:

Mixing the score in the same theatre as the final opened up every possible permutation of options for us.  Once we completed a first draft music pass, we were able to pull up all the dialogue and FX pre-mixes to check how it was all sitting in context with the score, switching from 5.1 - over to Dolby Atmos  - then back to 5.1.  The new Soundfirm facility has to be heard to be believed. The clarity, power and detail is breathtaking; and Dolby Atmos is the closest thing to "3D sound" you'll ever hear.  Talk about taking it to the next level! I honestly can't imagine a better way to work. It was a real privilege to have access to such an amazing facility and I can't thank Roger and Chris enough for warmly welcoming us so readily to work closely with their crew on site.

Robert Connolly said: "Paper Planes was the ideal introduction to the extraordinary impact of Dolby Atmos! Bringing together the 3D elements of Paper Planes and celebration of flight with Nigel's [Westlake] score provided a strong foundation to make the most of the exceptional opportunity provided at Soundfirm to work in Atmos. Chris Goodes sound design built from the ground up with Atmos providing a rich and complex  final mix that is an exhilarating aural ride that sits hand and glove with the ambition for the film.  I’m extremely excited by the potential in Atmos for future films."

Soundfirm’s Chris Goodes said, “it’s very rewarding to be able to utilise the power and scope of Dolby Atmos as a story-telling device.  Having these tools at our disposal on ‘Paper Planes’ gave us unparalleled creative control, and ultimately forged a very strong collaboration between sound designer/mixer, composer, picture editor and the Director when it came to the sound track.  Robert and his team have an intimate understanding of the power of sound in their film-making, and it was a pleasure helping them realise that creative vision.”


In conclusion, Soundfirm CEO, Roger Savage, said “’Paper Planes’ is a wonderful example of how Dolby Atmos can be used as an instrument to craft a very nuanced theatrical track.  We are really very proud of our collaboration with Robert (Connolly)’s team and the outstanding work that Chris Goodes and the crew did here in post production.”

Sound Team:

Chris Goodes - Sound Supervisor, Sound Designer & Re-Recording Mixer

James Ashton - Dialogue Supervisor and Editor

Dolby Consultant, Australia - Bruce Emery

Emma Bortignon - Sound FX Editor

Trevor Hope – Production Sound Recordist

Mario Vaccaro – Foley Walker

George Alamaras – Foley Recordist


Robert Connolly - Director, Co-Writer, Producer

Maggie Miles - Producer

Liz Kearney - Producer

Nick Meyers - Editor

Nigel Westlake - Composer

Lachlan Carrick - Music Recording and Mix engineer.

Paper Planes - The Sydney Morning Herald @ http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/movies/why-robert-connolly-hopes-his-kids-film-paper-planes-will-take-flight-20150107-125oep.html


PP-JBennett-6145 copy

Paper Planes

AJA's CION camera ships worldwide

CION, the new 4K/UHD camera from AJA is now shipping worldwide, including to Australia for 2015.

Shooting directly to edit-ready Apple ProRes 4444 at up to 4K 30fps, ProRes 422 at up to 4K 60fps, we are looking forward to seeing CION on Aussie-shores early in the New Year, having first glimpsed it at NAB 2014 in Las Vegas.  The AJA RAW codec outputs at up to 4K 120fps.

We'd welcome an opportunity to work with DoP's to test early footage: our DI grading theatres in Sydney and Melbourne are the perfect environments to run such tests, and we'd be delighted to bring our engineering brains to the table to discuss the best options for post production with you.



My Mistress

Stephen Lance's 'My Mistress' is released in Australia today, following successful runs at The Melbourne Film Festival (MIFF), and to great acclaim on the International Festival circuit.

Soundfirm not only completed the full picture and sound post production on the film, but were also key investors in the project.  A full press release will follow.